Loving Hands for Dogs in Etobicoke

Loving Hands for Dogs- pic - Etobicoke Dog Walking ServicePets are the second child for its owner and when it comes to taking care of such lovable creatures, one doesn’t wish to lend them to wrong hands. Many a times the owner can’t give enough time to their loving pets for their daily needs like walking, food and excursion activities. As pets don’t get the loving touch and are leaving their traits of love towards the owner and become aggressive and unhealthy.

In such situations one can seek our Etobicoke Dog Walking Services and ensure that dog care is given in the trained hands. They have good knowledge of what the dog needs in its whole day. Pet care is even a task of animal lover. Dog Walking in Etobicoke! Our Company provides care takers who have spent their prominent life span in care of pets.


Dog Walking Etobicoke and care centre provide the following services:


  • Taking care of Dog in owner’s absence
  • Dog’s group walk
  • Dog walking in private
  • Dog hiking
  • Transportation of pets
  • Walking in park