Chew Proof Leashes



One expense I did not foresee when becoming a dog walker is the cost of replacing customers leashes that have been chewed through. I have one dog a Mastiff Boxer mix that will chew through other dogs leashes to the tune of three a week while in the back of the truck. I have taken to swapping out the customers leashes for ones I have created using cotton rope, salvaging the handle and clasp from the clewed leashes. I still loose a couple of these a week but for $10 worth of rope I can make 20 leashes.

While searching the internet for “Chew Proof Leashes” I have come across many that are made of plastic coated wire and chain. I am sure they will work for the chewing but the loss of flex in the leash could be hard on your dogs neck as well as your arms and shoulders. As of writing this blog I have not found a rope that is chew proof that will supply the flex needed to protect yourself and your dog.

The price range for “Chew Proof Leashes” is $10 for a 6′ chain leash to $34 for a plastic covered wire leash. For $10 you can purchase a 6″ plastic piece that covers your leather leash in the spot where your dog would chew while being lead on the leash.