Who I am

Etobicoke Dog Walks is comprised of one person, Rick Verner. I had worked in sales, marketing and I.T. in the corporate world. Walking dogs is the best job and last job I will ever have.

What I do

Etobicoke Dog Walks (Rick) takes your dog on group walks to a leash free park. There are morning and afternoon groups. Drop offs are before noon or before 3 pm. All dogs in my care are treated like my own. It is a bit of a love fest. I will take 1 puppy let out client with the goal of joining the group. Your dog will be trained to be socially friendly, if they aren’t already.

What I don’t do

I don’t job out your dog to another person.
I don’t service condominiums. Your dog is never left alone.
I will not take aggressive dogs in the group.

Other stuff

I am bonded and Insured.
I am trained in pet first aid.
With Covid 19, I keep dogs leashes with me.
I require a weekly minimum of 4 walks.


$20 a walk
Walks are a minimum 45 minutes at the park
$15 Puppy let out